About us

Natural stone

Yak Group Ltd. offers quality Bulgarian natural slate. We specialize in stones quarrying, sale, export and supply  from Bulgaria to any location. The company performs the full range of activities related to finalizing the sale and receipt of the product to a chosen location. We have necessary certificates and licenses for transactions in the country and abroad.

We believe our success depends on understanding and exceeding the expectation of our customers. In our business quality and speed of delivery are the keys to survival and growth. Our customer are the focus of everything we do. We strive to form partnership that will result in long term satisfaction. 

Thanks to optimumal performance of all activities and services related to the trade of natural slate and decoration material Yak Group Ltd. offers reasonable prices that do not affect the quality of goods and services. We are always keen to give you any technical and practical advice. 

Our natural slate

We offer a full range and choice of natural stone, flagstone whether it is for roofing, flooring walling or cladding.
Our products are sourced from our gneiss quarries in Bulgaria.

Quality of our products

  • Highest quality natural stone
  • Fireproof building material
  • Resistance to acid and pollutants
  • Long life and durability
  • An impermeable barrier to water
  • Resistance to chipping, cracking and abrasion
  • Highly slip resistant
  • Outstanding insulation from heat and cold
  • Warmth and elegance of natural stone
  • Big range of size available